Saving my cover art scans

I’m currently reviewing my cd’s and posting missing cover art to the MB data base. I’m running windows so my scans reside in “My Documents” then the “Scanned Documents” folder. It just occurred to me to save the scans (duh) by cutting and pasting them right into the appropriate album folder in my music directory. Should this lead to any problems or does someone else have a tried and true method of saving the scans?

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There should be no issue as to where you save your images. Just make sure you keep backups.

Personally I scan to a separate set of folders where I keep my rough artwork, raw from the scanner. I then edit from this location and copy that edited version to the music folders.

But then I am an IT geek who makes my computer do my bidding. So the scan tool I use saves its output to a E:\+SCANS+\CDs\ folder. And in here I have my artists saved in separate folders. And then the albums in separated folders again. This means my working area is organised like my music folders allowing me to go back and find the raw scans again if I need them.

The trick is to use a system that works for YOU. :wink:


Cortana called me a dummy once so I locked her in a file closet. My scanned documents folder has almost 2k scans which is really slowing down my scanning process. I’m going to try a version of your folder flow. I am assuming that you don’t pull out each artist in a various artist release. I wish I had started this earlier cause it’s going to take some time. Thanks

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Eeek! Yeah - that would be a slow down headache. And a pain to find anything in that heap.

Okay. Simple trick first. Go into that Scanned Documents folder.

Make a NEW FOLDER and call it OLD SCANS. Or OLD SCANS TO SORT OUT ANOTHER DAY WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME. Or a name that is sensible.

Now move all 2K scans into that folder.


Look at the Scanned Documents folder as a temp folder for the scanner to drop stuff in to. Then you choose to move it to another location when you are ready.

Maybe in your scanned folder have sub-folders with names like COVERS, HOUSEHOLD BILLS, PHOTOS and other types of categories for quick tidying up.

This is why I have my tree of artists. And within there split into albums. But then I am a nutter who needs it all neat and have been whipping computers into doing my bidding since the 1980s.


Various Artists are in a Various Artists folder. Which can get big and messy so I just make sub-folders in there of each album to keep that art together.

Just start from Now. No need to go back to do the old stuff today. just kick that into Other Cover Scans and sort them slowly over the months.

Edit Tip: to quickly make a new folder, CTRL+SHIFT+N when in an explorer window.

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