Saving files on windows


hope someone can help i have files on the right hand side that i no want to save. but it wont let me.why?



Pleas give some more information, what you do and what is happening. What do you mean with “it wont let me”?

There are two typical error scenarios:

  • After selecting files on the right side you see a red stop like icon. This indicates an error occurred during saving. In the majority of times people see this it is because the files they won’t to save are write protected (either have the readonly flag set or have wrong permissions).

  • On the right side you see just a musical note icon in front of the tracks. That means, this is just the track data from MusicBrainz, but no file associated with it. And if there is no file you can’t save one, in that case the save button is disabled.


…or maybe options->save files is not checked


This is my problem. i’ve checked the save list in options.

but i’m not quiet sure what i’m doing wrong.


All those discs on the right say “0/30”, “0/36”, etc. If I remember correctly, that means that they have 0 files assigned to the tracks, so there’s nothing to save - you should open an album (with the little > arrow) and see if there’s actually any files assigned there.



like this

so what do i do after this. i have looked in browser, tagged it.but nothing seems to happen.

You either need to “lookup” (the wand symbol), scan, or manually drag folders from the left onto the right disc.

Those “music notes” icon will change into other icons that will show how good a match there is between the Musicbrainz data and the file that you’ve put there.

To repeat, those “music notes” icons are showing that you have not got a file associated with that track.

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