Save just the modified files

I am using Picard to update some jazz collections … I load 200 or so files – picarrd updates some - not all…when I goto quit, it warns… “57 files have been changed …” of course I want to save changes, but is there a way to save just the modified files ? I guess I mean - instead of saving 250 files, can I discover only the files that have been modified and save only them ? seems like this would make the process faster … (?)

(how) Have you established that Picard does indeed re-save (re-write) files that have no modified content?

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To make it short I can tell you both that it does this :smiley: Even though this should be rather fast when the tags don’t change. We have a ticket for this at PICARD-300.

The problems blocking this is that we have a couple of cases where the file shows as unchanged even though the user would expect it to change. E.g. if the tags are unchanged, but the file path would be different after saving anyway. Also if you save cover art to files and include different cover art types (booklet, back cover etc.) then it becomes surprisingly difficult to determine if changes are needed or not.

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