Save directory reverting to last file saved?

It’s happened a few times now, where the save directory has reverted to the last file or directory saved. I am moving my music from my ‘Music’ folder to ‘Music Sorted’ folder and have set this up in options. For some reason on the programme on restarting it was changing (without warning) to the last path used. I can’t work out what combination of key strokes or action is causing it. Obviously I want it to stay on this directory permanently. Prohibition signs on save aren’t documented.
Other than this brilliant!

You mean the folder you set up in Options > Metadata > Move files to this directory when saving ? Actually that shouldn’t change. AFAIK the only other option to change this apart from editing it in the options is using the “Move Tagged Files Here” in the context menu of the file browser. Probably you activated this by accident?

It has happened again since, A bit scary. Not been able to find the ‘move tagged files here’. But have used 'tag from file names’
Have also had a few lockups. Edited a cluster using tag bar, then saved cluster (as nothing in database), brought across another group to cluster. but tag bar didn’t change. Still had the old cluster details and wouldn’t change.
There doesn’t appear to be ‘Cancel’ command anywhere?

Sorry, I am still not sure I understand you. Is this a different issue from the above, or the same? What is the “tag bar”? Maybe you show us some screenshots to clarify your issue. Also some additonal information like version of Picard and maybe the file naming script you use can be helpful.

Also about the save directory I have double checked: The only way to change it is either by setting it in the options or via the file browser as I described above. Just to be sure, we are talking about the directory shown below under “Move files to this directory when saving” and that option is actually set, right?

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Yes two separate issues. But the first issue regarding destination directory is correct.

The other issue the lockup was when trying to tag an album from an obscure Zambian singer. No fingerprints and no lookup. So I group set the cluster using the lower tag window and hit save. The files moved and cluster cleared, but the tag window didn’t change even with a new cluster and a file selected