Same artists credited twice on release under different name


This release has 3 artists credited at spotify:

Sick & Nimon
Kraantje Pappie

But Sick & Nimon as an alter ego of Kraantje Pappie and Bizzey. How should I credit this release?

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Do I assume they are just playing with aliases here? So “Kraantje Pappie” is “Sick” and “Bizzey” is “Nimon”?

If it is just a one off, then I’d just use aliases. “Artist as credited” versions of the name.

(See into future mode enable…) What the next person says also sounds sensible to me too. Gives better details and context that way


A bit of extra context from a dutch person: “Sick & Nimon” is named after the popular dutch duo “Nick & Simon” who stopped earlier this year

I think what I’d do is create a new group (with relevant links like spotify & wikidata), add Kraantje Pappie and Bizzey as members, and add a “is named after” relationship to Nick & Simon, and credit the release and all recordings with just the new group, even if it’s short-lived (not sure if they continue releasing like this? time will tell)


Based on the front cover, this is either “Sick & Nimon” or “Kraantje Pappie & Bizzey presents Sick & Nimon”, depending on your view of “X presents Y” artists :slight_smile:


Thanks for the input guys, I went with @RandomMushroom128 's suggestion.