Saint Patrick’s Day 2017 ☘️

Hello good folks!

In just a few days (this Friday), it’s March 17th, 2017. Which means Saint Patrick’s Day, national day of Ireland, 2017! :ireland:

What kind of shenanigans or craic are people up to this St. Paddy’s Day weekend? Going to any local celebrations? (Did you add it as an Event on MB? :smirk:) Is there any music you’re listening to? Or maybe adding some music for the occasion to MusicBrainz?

As an Irish trad. musician for several years, I’m not sure whether I’ll actually have time to do anything special myself this year. :frowning: I will likely attend a regular session here in Lund tomorrow, but that’s not quite St. Paddy’s Day yet then, so please indulge me so maybe I can live a bit through all of you! :innocent: :wink:

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CatQuest will probably be listening to \o/

and totally not get drunk

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I have some edits to be made to,,,, and one of Recently acquired them and they still need to be sorted into my collection.

I’ll also be practicing a bit of fiddle.