Russian release help

Could someone who can work with Russian bootleg releases have a look at this? I know this label, as well as others in Russia, do this often, so I am assuming there is someone who has experience with these and might be able to correct and/or complete the add.

I notice that there are some discrepancies with the other versions added, like the artist of the release.

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I know @slipmaxim does a lot of Russian-language German releases, they might be able to help~


This looks pretty accurate to me tbh. Checked the tracklist etc., nice work!
What you need is a mash-up expert for this one. Crazy release :slight_smile:


did someone say mashup expert?

(that could be me~)

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I am not so worried about the basics, the recordings were already there and I was able to confirm visually that things matched, although not understanding the writings, I can see they look the same.

My concern is more of the words I cannot understand and what information those words provide. Like for example, there are two versions of this release that have a different album artist, and I am not sure how to evaluate that for correctness. I would assume those were some by someone that either knows this area of release more, or someone who can read the words showing this that I cannot understand.

I also know from prior threads that such releases are a large industry. I would say that 95% of my bootleg release experience is in digital format, or are CDs that are not pretending to be what they are not (ie false labels, etc). In my work on this release, I found (and added to MB) some aspects like the label used also has a commonly used barcode for example. This is something I would not have realized, at least not now, unless someone told me.

Very true. I collect russian pop music and I have a couple of hundreds of these bootlegs, every different kind (you can’t really avoid those and it’s a rabbit hole :bangbang:). The industry & market for bootlegs was huge. And the thing with the same barcode for every release was a common technique back then.

The only thing in cyrillic I see is the text on the front:
Новые и эксклюзивные миксы (New & exclusive mixes)
You already matched the album title: Пружинки (Springs)

the other stuff on the back cover is basic info like: c & p all rights reserved (funny :smile: ) and some contact details for distribution and manufacturing inquiries

there’s a small text on the right side of the barcode claiming to operate under license nr. 77-149 (Лицензия МПТР России ВАФ № 77-149) which leads to this pirate manufacturer: ООО "Мастер-класс" Label | Releases | Discogs

The only two tracks (17,18) from another artists are also assigned correctly to Zемфира :+1:t3:

Well this release Release “t.A.T.u. + Rammstein: Пружинки” by Muffin - MusicBrainz is incorrectly assigned to the remixer if you ask me.The text on the front cover just says “Exclusive mixes by Maffin” and “full version of the legendary mixes” and it was already corrected on the linked discogs page. Same for the pseudo release

Hope that helps, cheers


go ahead, it’s not really complex because mostly it’s two songs mashed up in this case.

Thank you, that does help a lot.

Is it proper to add what is stated, or to just leave it out and leave the artwork to show it is anyone is interested? I think it might be proper as I have seen some labels added with annotation that they are used for bootlegs assigned improperly.

I end up with a lot of stuff like this. t.A.T.u. is one of my liked artists, so I usually collect as much material as I can for such artists. I end up with numerous languages I often cannot understand, but music is more than words I can interpret.

I appreciate the help to add such things properly. I could just add what I can, but then I reply on other editors that know more/better than I to find it and correct it, vs just getting it right the first time.

I always add this information, because it helps to find similar releases by these sneaky labels :slight_smile: - I’m always for full information

I feel you on this one, I have similar situation with arabic of spanish music

This is the right approach, just add what you can without investing tons of time for research. You can always ask me for russian stuff, no problem.

I’ve added the label info to the release.

If you still have the rip log you could adde the discID with this tool: