Running just so Slow. And Unresponsive. Program Hangs over a thousand times

I downloaded my entire iTunes library from the cloud on to my internal drive I upgraded to a SSD. Everything has been awesome until my plan to retag and then remove the duplicates in my iTunes library. Note I removed all the video files, so there are about 27k audio files. I can do about 5GB of files a day, and then when I rerun the acoustic id scan it will find matches for what seems to be better than 90%, actually about 94% of the files missed on the first pass. I was and I just deleted the music libraries from Plex, iTunes is running and It is actually updating the library files as music brains Picard does its work. I would appreciate any and all assistance.

Any advice to do this properly and expeditiously?
Plan is to:

  1. Download the entire library I had uploaded to iTunes Match.
    1a. Done
  2. run Picard on the library
    2a. This is going so slow. At this rate it will take well over a month.
  3. remove duplicates
  4. delete entire cloud library
  5. re upload a new and corrected library
    I would appreciate any help on this

Break it up into smaller chunks. Start out small and make each batch bigger until you reach a size you’re comfortable with.


Definitely don’t do all your files at once, and take some time with a few albums to figure out what’s going on. Then you can plan how to tackle things.
Depending on how exact you want your tags, you may decide to manually check things before hitting save.

I would also recommend using cluster + lookup first instead of scan.
As well as being slower scan ignores existing tags, so if you already have things in their albums etc it can needlessly split up your files/ make things messy.

You could also use the opportunity to try some different audio players - iTunes has its own set of issues/limitations that come up around here every so often.

I found that tagging in groups of 8-11GB at a time allows Picard to run effectively.

I would call it a total success in smaller chunks. Good Looking out fellas.

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Just a note -
MB has been running very slow the last couple days. In fact, there were a few hours on Friday that the site was offline altogether.

I don’t know if how that would affect you, or if it was a global issue or if it was limited to just one of the hubs that I used. But I thought it is at least worth noting.

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The problem lies mostly in the save routine when too many files are selected. You can avoid the hanging by only selecting a hundred or so CDs from the right at a time before selecting ‘save’. The clustering and lookup is better with more files on the left and doesn’t seem so effected by the number of files.