Running from Source - Nothing Happens

I am a newbie to Python, so apologies.

I am trying to run Picard from source in the PyCharm debugger. The code runs (it stops on break points), but then exits with error code 0. The UI never appears.

I must be missing something obvious.

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Do you get any console output why it crashes? You should also try running it with python3 --debug to more detailed logging. Maybe this gives some clue.

Also make sure you have the dependencies installed via pip and see the instructions for running from source at


Thanks for writing back. I figured out what was going on, although my solution is probably a bit of a kludge.

I was running There was no call to main(). I added that at the end, which probably isn’t the right solution, but it works.

The actual start script is in the topmost folder. You need to run python3 build to generate it from


Awesome, thanks so much for the help. On to the next issue in a new thread.