Rudimental Be The One track not found

Hi, is there any reason why this does not show up on a search via musicbrainz, I tried to add it but was voted down as a duplicate however it’s not found when searching database.

It was not voted down, the other editor just told you that it was a duplicate and merged it into the existing release. You can not find it anymore because all MBIDs are now pointing to the same (merged) release (the one you linked).
If you have a look at its editing history you can see that there are 3 Add release edits and 2 Merge releases edits. I hope this helps you to understand what happened, although I am not sure why you have added the same thing three times in the first place (if they were meant to be different releases you should have added more details to distinguish them).


I was new to it adding and assumed that when I added it the first time and didn’t see it that maybe it didn’t work.
I understand there is a process time (i think) so for it to show I just have to go in and make amendments right?

How are you searching exactly? On the MB website? And are you searching the ‘recordings’ or ‘releases’?

When I do a search for the recording it doesn’t pop up either, maybe someone else can shed some light on why!

Hi Aerozol,

At the time I was doing it via the program itself, it shows up when you search via release page.

I think I’ve resolved it, possibly because I had too many edits and merges.

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