Review of a single Recording/Track: How to best add?

I’ve got a review of a single Recording/Track.
In Japanese.
Translated to EN by Google.

Here is the Recording.
Here is the Release.

How is this review best added as a Relationship?
None of the External links categories on the Recording page are suitable.

You have to link it to release group.
It does not review all tracks indeed but it still makes sense.

Linking to recording would be useful for this case, but maybe too rare to justify a change request?

And linking to release would have to be repeated for each, thus no good.


I can see that is the quick way forward.

Though that recording appears, so far on;

  • CD — “Yuri Temirkanov Edition”. Brilliant Classics: 8818
  • CD — “Tchaikovsky Edition” - Brilliant Classics (60CDs) 93980 [2011]
  • CD — “TCHAIKOVSKY Symphonies” - Brilliant 94307 [2012]
  • CD — "Manfred Symphony, op. 58 / Fantasy Overture “Romeo and Juliet” - Russian Revelation* RV 10024 [1996]
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