Reunited bands and date periods

There’s an open edit for the group ABBA where the editor is removing the end date, since they have reunited for an album and a ‘concert residency.’

It seems inaccurate to list the band as never having disbanded. I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to add a feature so a band can have multiple start/end dates.

Thoughts? Is there already a way to handle this situation that I’m not aware of?


There is a ticket on it somewhere. Lots of bands are reforming to tour. Generally seems to be covered by notes in the Annotation until the system catches up.

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Generally this is marked in the data by having all the member relationships marked as ended and then new member relationships made for the reuniting. As others have said, there’s no proper way to mark it directly on group Artist entities. :\

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Thanks. That sounds like the best way, given the available tools.