Retrieving MBIDs for a list of songs

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I am trying to write code to automatically find mbids for a list of songs from another website. I have set up a copy of the musicbrainz database. I can run a query and find songs with exact matching title and artist.

But I am having a difficult time searching for songs when the artist names differ from what I have
(for example if multiple artists appear, they may be listed in different orders or have different
join phrases). I am fairly new to working with databases and am having trouble understanding
all the tables available and if there are some particular ones that would be most helpful. Right
now I am using the name I get from the table “artist credit name.” Does anyone know if any
of the link tables might be useful ? How can I get all artist names associated with the mbid of a recording ?

Any help would be great. Not sure if I’ve explained the problem well, please ask me anything that is unclear.