Retrieving (entering?) 'guest' and 'additional' attributes for performers playing more than one instrument?


Turns out the problem was easier to find than I expected. I would appreciate it if you could do some testing on the new version (same download link as above) and let me know what you find. I also added ‘lead’ and ‘background’ to the configuration, so that should be a start to sorting out the vocals. Thanks.


I ran a couple of recordings with rather complicated credit notes through the new version, and until now it seems to work flawless.

I might have some minor suggestions/requests, but I’ll wait till I can gather them in one single coherent post :wink:

Thanks again!


I think I’ve already gathered enough suggestions for a new post:

It might be good to add a comma as separator between attributes that are concatenated in one group.
So: [additional, solo] instead of [additional solo]

About the options lay-out:
The start- and end characters for a group are currently placed vertically. It would seem more natural to have them side-by side horizontally.
Also, when you use [Tab] to navigate through those fields, if you want to move from the start character to the end character of a group, you will now need to hit [Tab] several times instead of just once.
(and b.t.w. the order when using [Tab] is reversed for ‘Group 1 Start character’ and ‘Group 2 Start character’)

This might be just me, but I tend to click on the underlined words because I am Pavloved to think they are perhaps hyperlinks.

There are two areas in the panel that have ‘Keywords’ as a header.
Perhaps it would be better if the first one was renamed something like ‘Attributes’?

There are releases that have refinements on the instruments or their roles such as this:

(lead guitar, rhythm guitar)

or this:

(models of synthesizers)

Would it possible to retrieve such annotions too?

But while asking for this, I am wondering if retrieving annotiations might result in also retrieving all other kinds of annotions that one wouldn’t care for here, and would require lots of additional filtering? I don’t know.

Perhaps it’s an idea to split this thread, or create a dedicated topic for your plugin?
That might draw some more attention and input from other Picard users too.


Allow me to throw another exception case at you:

When a performer is ‘lead vocals’, the output is as expected, e.g.: vocals ‹lead›

But when a performer is credited as both ‘background’ and ‘lead’, the output for the lead role is different.
‘lead’ then remains prefixed and is not appended at the end and in brackets, but 'background is.
So creating sort of a duplicate for the background role for that performer: