Retrieve both standardized- and non-standardized artist names?

In Picard you must decide in the options settings if you want to either retrieve ‘standardized artist names’, or the names as they appear on the release.

By default I prefer the ‘standardize’ option unchecked.
But if possible I would like to be able to additionally retrieve the standardized names and write them to a tag.

Can that be achieved by a script somehow?
Or is there perhaps a plugin that makes this possible?

Have a look at the AlbumArtist Extension plugin and see if that helps. Currently I’ve only written it for the AlbumArtist, but it could be revised to apply to track artists as well.

There’s also RDS Naming Variables which I hacked together for my own use. Eventually I meant to put the two together and provide a bit more flexibility, but just haven’t gotten to it yet.


Fantastic. That’s exactly what I was looking for.


I certainly wouldn’t mind :wink:

Okay, have a look at Artist Variables Plugin and see if it might be something you could use. Sorry this took so long, but I was kinda distracted helping out as a mentor for GCI this year. If there’s any interest, I’ll submit this to the “official” Picard Plugins repository.

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