Resuming the #MetaBrainz Meeting notes

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Last year I posted notes for each #MetaBrainz meeting in here, but for various reasons that didn’t happen for some time, and when I wanted to pick it up, there was too much backlog to handle.

However, now that I’m a bit more settled in Barcelona, Google Code-in is over for now, and a number of other things are not taking my time and energy, I want to get this going again. I kind of want to catch up on where I left off, which means starting off with the September 5th, 2016 meeting, but that is also several months worth of meetings (a number of these were cancelled though, so it is probably slightly less than I’m imagining), so maybe I should just recognise that those are only available in chatlogs and just start up again from the most recent meeting? (I’m not gonna do a mix, no.)

I don’t feel good about leaving a gap in the notes, but on the other hand, it might be nice to just get up to speed now and let old meetings be old meetings? However, several decision were also made in these meetings, and it might be easier to search the notes on the forum that trying to locate relevant discussion directly in the chatlogs. Well, let me know!

  • Drop old meetings, resume meeting notes from most recent meeting
  • Start from the 2016-09-05 meeting and work up to today

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I voted “Start from 2016-09-05” conditionally.

The condition is that @Freso accepts help from volunteers to fill in the backlog.


As someone that will never make it to the meeting because of time zones having notes is useful.
I believe the meetings are held at 4am my time.
It is good to hear what you are doing.


You could (assuming you actually find the time) write, say, two or three posts per week: for the current meeting of that week plus one or two “historical” ones, until caught up.


If I go with the the “catch up on old meetings”, then yes, I would make multiple each week. But I’d do 2–4/week of old ones until caught up.


That was… enlightening. :stuck_out_tongue:

18 votes, and 50% on each option. Oh well. I talked with @Rob and to make best use of my time, we decided to go forward and skip the old meetings. I’ll be posting the notes from yesterday later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for voting and commenting and :heart:️’ing everyone!