[Resolved] Publisher Brady Simon and Schuster - does anyone know if this exists?

A Publisher credit was created for Brady Simon and Schuster: https://bookbrainz.org/publisher/6e158bb1-381a-47d8-badf-7347d3f296bd

I have never heard of Brady in connection with the publisher Simon & Schuster. I can’t find any references to this entity on the official website, Wikipedia, or performing an internet search.

I have searched the four books credited to the publisher and every reference I have found states the publisher as Simon & Schuster.

Before I make changes I thought I would try the community brains trust. The OS @The_Catman has been inactive since 2015.

P.S. I just checked The Fully Powered Mac on Goodreads and the subtitle of the book is Brady Utility Software. The problem was compounded when three more books were credited to this Publisher, no doubt meant for Simon & Schuster.

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