RESOLVED: Error while entering new release: title & artist needed for every track

I’m trying to enter the CD shown at Juxtaposition (1997, CD) - Discogs into musicbrainz using the link . That link is generated by some code I added to FrontPage - AbcdeWiki ; I’m not sure my URL-generating code is bulletproof.

When I hit “Next” from the Tracklist tab, the Edit Note tab tells me there’s an error, and the Tracklist tab says “You must enter a title and select an artist for every track.” Nothing seems amiss: all 19 tracks have a title & artist.

Would a problem in the generated URL cause this? What other explanation could there be? (Atypical things that catch my attention are the single quote in title 8, the slash in title 10, the non-ascii accented-e in artist 3, and the bang in artist 19.) However, even when I change every song to be “Love Me Do - The Beatles” in the parser, I still get an error. That makes me think something else is wrong.

In case anyone wants to try to duplicate the problem, here’s what I specify:
Various Artists
United States
Halt Music
no barcode
Jewel Case
format = CD
feed this to the track parser:
And It Stoned Me - Anders Osborne
Somebody To Love - Peabody
Because - The Haolés
Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright - Ron Welch
Use Me - Laura Pellegrino
Poor Side Of Town - The Heart Beats
I Want To Tell You - Michael Packer
Everybody’s Talkin’ - Tawnya Lorae
Turn The Page - Patsy Thompson
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature - Stone Poets
Willin’ - Mandy Mercier
Are You Lonely For Me - King Soul
Long Long Time - Linda Freeman Lozano
Set You Free This Time - Sandy Allen
Tired Of Being Alone - The Subdudes
Can’t Find My Way Home - Bill Conley
Starry Eyes - Kim Longacre
Moonlight Mile - Clovis
She Loves You - Getback!

RESOLVED: thank you @spUdux & @Beckfield . Even while testing with “The Beatles”, I had to manually one-by-one click the magnifying glass next to each track’s artist to get it to turn green. Because my new entry was an obscure promotion, many of the artists needed to be created, but 'tis done.

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Make sure all the track artists are matched to the correct artists and the fields are green like this:


You can enter the artist name, but if it doesn’t resolve to an existing artist record, it won’t be accepted, and you’ll see the error you are seeing. You’ll either need to make sure it matches an existing artist record, or add the artist as a new record.