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Here’s another rehash of the old “age of the MBID” debate:
It should be fairly simple to change the last name on the target after the merge goes through, but some people might disagree about the methodology I used (prioritizing the age of the MBID over the accuracy/timeliness of the data).


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This involves a young editor who has repeatedly added fictional releases in the past. She claims she’ll provide a source, but never does, because she can’t. I’m cleaning it up, but need votes to override her “No” on the removal.


You should be sure to report her for bad behavior.

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Can we get some opinions on this. I maintain that since there is no clear cut guidelines on this that they should remain separate RGs as they have been treated that way. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly proceed in the future, but I’m basing this off guidelines that state to keep separate when there is controversy. I don’t think a live single or a remix single is the same as the original single. @chiark disagree and just changed this without a vote by going around the voting process, which I think was wrong.

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@tigerman325 did you mean to include a link?

Thought I added the links. Here they are:

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I’ve cleaned up the mis-identified Charades, now I just need votes on the edits.

There are a lot of 1960s groups calling themselves “The Charades”. A lot.


I wanted to get some eyes on this just in case someone feels strongly about it:

I found it odd that the release didn’t already reflect the cover text, but there was nothing about it in the edit history.

One could also make a case for changing the artist credit to P. Funk, but that seems less clear to me. It does also say “Parliament” (and the spine and disc only have “Parliament’s Greatest Hits”).

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Why not change to the title on Discogs?

Parliament’s Greatest Hits (P. Funk; Uncut Funk… The Bomb)

I would say that “Parliament’s Greatest Hits” is the main title, as it is displayed on the side.
Discogs actually list all secondary text, which you haven’t in your edit

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I addressed that in my edit note. P. Funk strikes me as an artist credit rather than part of the title. But this cover is very open to interpretation

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I would note that only one of 17 releases on discogs uses that variant, and one uses another variant including “Uncut Funk”, but the remaining 15 all use “Parliament’s Greatest Hits”.

As I said in my edit note, I think “Uncut Funk…the Bomb” should be considered just part of the cover art. Spine and disc show only “Parliament’s Greatest Hits”.

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I’ve disentangled Pisces, now just for some votes to clean it all up.

Is there an artist now for the British Pisces of which MJ Cole was a member? I didn’t see one.

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There is, he is a member under his real name.

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Got it, thanks.

I know nothing about these groups, and I realize discogs has them together, but I wonder if Walking through the Rain is actually by yet a third artist. It doesn’t show any obvious connection with the other releases, and seems to be a German release. (Edit: also dated 1986, so 10+ years before the other Pisces releases.)

I wouldn’t object to it being moved to a new artist.

New Pisces created.
Changes to the single:

A new editor added each CD of an audiobook as a new release.
They started merging the first two discs and an empty release:

When that is done I’m planning to merge the rest.


  1. Preparing release groups
  2. Merge releases
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