Requests for Votes Thread

So a few years ago, there was an editor who added a bunch of soundtrack releases. Their edits were a mix of legitimate soundtracks attributed to their actual composers, legitimate soundtracks attributed to composers who did not work on them, and soundtracks that straight up did not exist. Well, that editor is back now under a new account, up to their old tricks (primarily the third scenario). I have entered edits to remove the bogus releases they’ve added, only to be hit with No votes and messages to leave them alone:
(There are more edits like this; the above are only the ones this editor has gotten to. That list may grow after I post this.)

For the record, I have already reported this account. There may be more I don’t know about yet; this person has used at least 4 accounts that I know of (one of which, the original, has since been deleted).