Requests for Votes Thread

Thanks, you’re right.

Need help on Open Edits for Alice Cooper Band - MusicBrainz

Trying to remove relationships to delete bogus artist: no proof can be found (or provided by downvoter) that Alice Cooper’s touring band is actually performing without him but keeping his name.

Those touring artists tend to change from tour to tour and should be credited with the (already existing) “supporting [instrument] for” relationships instead of creating a new artist everytime.

Alice Cooper Band Concert Setlist at Double Wide, Dallas on October 15, 2018 | this the show i attended by the Alice Cooper Band as billed, w the members of the band, they played the day b4 Alice Cooper the singer show, the Alice Cooper Band setlists Alice Cooper Band Concert Setlists | included r shows just like the one i saw when Alice Cooper shows were scheduled in their cities, this is a band that plays without Alice Cooper the singer

Got an odd no vote on cleaning up an improper disambiguation comment: Edit #105759513 - MusicBrainz

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Could I please get a third vote on this edit, so that a later merge of mine doesn’t interfere with it? Thanks!

I’m experiencing a weird bug, could someone have a look at Bug adding/editing relationships for specific artist and help me if possible?
Thanks everyone

I don’t know about “usual”, but the one I’m most familiar with is very clearly a different MB Work:

I meant usually in jazz recordings where almost every performance is somehow different, but this also implies that there are exceptions. For example, if the reprise has its own ISWC, I would certainly make it a separate work.

I needed to clean up this Hybrid SACD box set so it can be merged with a duplicate. When I went to do so, I got an error message and some of the mediums ended up submitted twice. They need to be removed before the merge can proceed.

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I need these 32 recording merges to apply earlier than scheduled to avoid failed dependencies with other merge edits on the same recordings:

Need help/opinions on Edit #106437396 - MusicBrainz : I’m removing the soundtrack type on an album that’s not a soundtrack but got some votes against.

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Trying to fix some issues from an editor who didnt think to check if recordings already existed:

Need votes and or autoeditor for this edit Edit #106797793 - MusicBrainz so that I can apply discID. The release was created with 21 tracks when it had 22, this can be seen in the back art that the creator applied.
Done - Thanks

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Will close soon with 1 yes 0 yes 1 no, would appreciate some votes. The no vote is by an editor who doesn’t speak the language thinking this is a given name + surname which it isn’t. My change is in line with the majority of Swedish entries in MusicBrainz and guidelines.

Hi, I would need this edit to be applied → Edit #107143989 - MusicBrainz

There are two video recordings to be created, which also appear on a compilation Rendez-Vous ← see images of tracklist on back - it’s obviously the same Enhanced CD as on Paris

Thanks in advance

Edit #107178913 - Discussion about the renamed into relationship, probably needs more eyes on it due to ambiguous guidelines. Currently at 4 yes, 2 no.

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Stumbled upon a recently created duplicate release and RG which became trickier to fix than usual. Maybe there is a more efficient way but I’ve already made some edits.

fixing a big ol’ mess with a popular R&B track:

hi! this edit sets a precedent for many other labels so i’d like to have as many eyes on it as possible.


Looking for some more eyes on Edit #107566417 - MusicBrainz which is removing a digital download/streaming link without offering any suggestion of where it should instead belong.