Requesting documentation of orm used in bookbrainz server

Hii @mr_monkey, hope you’re having a nice day. Can you provide any documentation on orm used in bookbrainz server. Is it something custom build or you’re using something like knexjs?

Hi @lokeshrana9999!

A good question ! We’ve got a separate repository and package that uses BookshelfJS (unrelated to BookBrainz, despise the close name :stuck_out_tongue: ) , which is an ORM built on top of KnexJS.
As such there are standard ORM objects you can interact with, as well as the ability to pass sql queries directly to Knex.

You can find the repo here:
Let me know if you have any specific questions about it or are looking for a part of the codebase.


Thanks for the help @mr_monkey! :vulcan_salute:

Hey @mr_monkey I have been attempting to work on this issue. My doubt is that is there a way to see server console.logs?

Hi! There is already a PR in progress for that issue:

I think I might have made a mistake previously and unassigned the person who was working on it, my bad :sweat_smile: