Request to remove non-functional plugins

can someone please remove nonworking plugins from
i just wasted 30 minutes trying to get the lastfm (plus) plugin to work.

thank you.

Maybe a better idea would be to list Picard version compatibility on that page? Anyway, if it’s listed on that page, you should be able to download/install the mod directly via Picard’s interface. If you’re not able to do this (and you’re using the latest version of Picard), then you should file a ticket/bug report.

If you believe a plugin no longer has any merit, you can also make a PR against - the /plugins/ list is automatically generated based on the contents of that repository.

We have two cases that are not properly handled right now:

  1. Plugins that are still compatible with Picard, but don’t work anymore for other reasons (e.g. the plugins broke due to API changes)
  2. Plugins that are listed, but are only compatible with the development version (the fanarttv plugin is a current example)

For 1. the correct solution would be to either fix them or remove them completely. For 2. ideally we don’t list the plugins here at all but a compatible version, if available. There was already some discussion about this somewhere, maybe by providing a plugin development branch or similar. But again nobody finds the time to tackle this :frowning:

Listing the compatible Picard versions still would make sense on the plugin download page, especially for people not using the latest Picard for some reason.