Request: option to automatically use the default front cover of a release group

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Hello all,

Often when you select a release with no front cover, you have to manually add it (workaround: first look for a release with front cover art, save it, then move back to the other release). For older releases, sometimes you are forced to use a rather bland/washed out scan, while you’d prefer to have better looking art on another release. I find both these things a rather big annoyance when labeling my music collection.

In order to address this, it would be a nice to have the option to automatically select the default (good looking) front cover of the release group. Would something like this be possible?

That’s already possible, you need to enable CAA release group cover art provider in Cover Art options.

If no image is provided for the release, it will default to the one of the release group (if there’s one).


Great! Thank you. Seems I haven’t looked long enough, sorry for that :slight_smile:

I suppose the problem with bad looking art of older releases can be addressed by setting CAA Release Group first in priority.