Request: List of Works without a relationship to Author

That’s a better one, as it loaded straight away. I see it displays both English and German directions so it will make @indy133 happy!!! Only 686 to go.

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Indeed, works fine, thx

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@mr_monkey the list of Works without an Author has been completed.

You might like to run the task once more just to make sure nothing has been missed (there will be some where it is impossible to add an author relationship).

Another task that might be worthwhile, is a list of Editions that don’t have a Work relationship. Hopefully, there will be fewer!


Awesome work (pun intended), well done everyone !

I ran the command again, and the only items left are now “special cases”:

  • books with an editor but no author (i.e. “1001 albums you must…”) — these have a “was worked on by” relationship, this’ll do for now (here the “Author edited Edition” relationship seems more logical to me)
  • various versions of the Bible
  • movie scripts
  • dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • books published un the name of a brand (Disney, Microsoft, etc.) — these might each need a group type Author ?

I’ve updated the list for reference.

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In regard to Disney, Microsoft, etc. one option would be to use Anonymous: as they are texts without a known author.

P.S. I was unable to open the list for the past 3 hours until now, it is gratifying to see it has only 37 Works!

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Another task that might yield results is Editions that have an ‘unnamed’ Edition Group. Recently I have encountered a few of these examples.

I just had a quick look at the orphan Work list again and found two of interest: (Țara Oașului - între tradiție și inovație) is a Romanian magazine. By definition it is a collection of articles, so I think it should be deleted. (The 4% Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs) is a collection of articles by various academics:

I’m not sure if it should be considered as a collection or not.

First is obvious. Magazines are not added as works.
And the second is a collection of essays. So I don’t think it should be added as a work.

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Thanks. I am a bit wary of the “obvious” these days. I thought it best to check first as I haven’t dealt with periodicals on this site. I have deleted that Work.

If the second book is deemed to be a collection, then the contents along with the respective authors are listed here: The 4% Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs - The Bush Institute - Google Books

I have deleted the Work for and created individual Work titles for the contents, along with an Edition Group for the collection title.