Request: List of Works without a relationship to Author

@mr_monkey I was wondering if it would be possible to get a list of Work titles that haven’t got a relationship to an Author.

I have been searching for these “orphan” works and completing the relationship to author but as the list gets smaller they are more difficult to find.

If the task is too fiddly then don’t worry about it. Thanks.


I had previously started to craft a database query just for that, and this was the perfect push to finish it :slight_smile:

I found 853 works that have neither “wrote by” nor “translated by” relationships (for starters; we can do a separate report about translator/writer once we know what we want to do).
Quite the task !

Unfortunately, we don’t have a good place to show such reports on the website yet, so while I figure that out I’ll use an external online checklist that everyone should be able to modify (to tick off items as they get fixed) without an account.
The page loaded pretty slowly for me but it’s working fine without an account:


Great (sort of, as there are more than I envisaged). Anyone up for a marathon?

Thanks @mr_monkey

I’ll chip in !
It’s going to be quite the epic.

Thanks. There is a bit of sleuth work involved. The first two I edited had about five possibilities each. It was only because the author names were unusual that I could identify the book. I do like a challenge.

Disregard that message as it has loaded the data.

@mr_monkey I think I have inadvertently deleted the list from Firepad. I didn’t realise breathing on it would cause it to disappear. Either that or it just won’t load.

I have a copy in a word document but I don’t know how to format the tick boxes. My apologies.

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I think the Firepad is back on track !

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Takes a while to load the page, but it works.
I will start at some random work then…

I draw the big lot with first try: an English translation of the Christian Bible. Should I merge or replace this with another work?
Any idea which author to use? goodreads uses " Walt Disney Company" but it’s hard to decide without the book in hands.

This WorldCat entry seems to match the Edition that this work is associated with (see the notes), and states: “by Teddy Slater ; illustrated by Phil Wilson”
If you’re going back to edit it, please also add the OCLC/WorldCat identifier while you’re at it (if you agree it’s the right match)

thx, good find ;-), but what is the correct relation between this and the original by Mark Twain? “derived from” or “is an adaption”? I’ll take the latter for first but as mentioned in another thread “derived by” “adaptation” and “inspired by” need some differentiation.

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You’re not wrong. I almost listened to all of A Swingin’ Safari by Bert Kaempfert before it loaded.
Is it a good idea to add every single volume of a dictionary like the Encyclopædia Britannica as a separate entry?


On Bookogs the rule was that if the book was sold separately then it could be submitted as such. However, if the book was sold only as part of a set then the submission had to be for the set.

I don’t believe it was possible to buy individual volumes of Encyclopædia Britannica. They were sold as a set.

A policy needs to formulated on BB for the same situation.

There are more Encyclopædia Britannica volume Works in the DB:ædia+Britannica&size=100&from=0

Whoever submitted them gave up at “Freon through Holderlin”.

I propose merging the five individual volume Works to a single Work for “Encyclopædia Britannica, 15th Edition 32-Volume Set” and add that to the matching Edition.

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I agree, that’s the best solution.


@mr_monkey my experience with that Firepad link is woeful. More often than not I can’t get it to load and if I do get it to load it can take 5 or more minutes. I have created my own checklist but that doesn’t help other people. Do you know of any other sites that might be more reliable?

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I agree, it is really bad.
Here’s another option that looks a lot better. It doesn’t have checkboxes so we’ll have to strikethrough items as we go along:

I re-ran the query on the database, so all previous lists can be forgotten about safely, this on is fresh out of the oven :slight_smile: