Request for votes on edit

Could I ask that you view my edit here:
It is for a removal of a release with no references and little detail. I believe it does not qualify as a release per MB guidelines, but would like some help to break the 1-1 tie vote before expiration. Whatever is decided is fine, but more votes would be nice on interpreting the guidelines.


Good job changing it to bootleg! And at least we know have an edit history that makes the quality and source of this release clear.

If it does stick around you can add an annotation like “only available as a torrent (according to available information)” which might make it even more clear. As long as releases like this are clearly marked for what they are, they hopefully don’t bother you too much :slight_smile:

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This edit has a solid opinion now and is closing within 1 day. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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Hello, I have what looks like a random “no” vote there, could I get 2 yes votes to counter it, please ?
My edit is based on the actual back cover of the releases.

Edit #40994032 - Edit recording:

  • Before: Korn feat. Skrillex & Kill the Noise
  • After: Korn feat. Skrillex and Kill the Noise

You bet, I will look at this now.