Request for Auto Editor

Many of you know me, and see the work I do to for musicbrainz. I am always thinking about others trying to find recordings or songs for artists, and how I can arrange Hank Williams stuff so all of it is visible in one list. Now you can see Luke the Drifter, Hank and Audrey, and Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys all in one solid list. I am still working on merging recordings,that is going to take a while.

It is important to set aside time for other editors, and vote on their edits. I enjoy working here very much, especially when people disagree with me. Nothing is that important to me, if my edit affects current structures or rules, I usually cancel it and move on to the next.

I am doing fine without being an auto-editor, but anything to make my editing go faster would be welcome. Thanks Dave


FYI, merges aren’t auto-edits for auto-editors either :scream:


that’s good that’s good