Request: Clarify Importer Restart Text

The importer manually steps through your listen history and imports the listens one page at a time. Should it fail for whatever reason, it is safe to restart the import process. Running the import process multiple times does not create duplicates in your ListenBrainz listen history.

I had to stop and start the importer. My browser was non responsive. I thought from the above text that the import would pick up from where it left off, but it started right back at page 1 of 3500. The actual importer says:

Sending page 973 of 3569 to ListenBrainz
Please don’t close this page while this is running

Which is clearer but not perfect. How about:

“Closing this page during import may require a full restart of the importer from the beginning.”

Or something? (Do I make a ticket on the tracker? How do I know what goes there vs. here?)

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Opened ticket LB-802 for this !