Replace last comma to &


As title says…

Is there a way to replace the last comma in a field say %artist% to an ampersand &?

This should work:

$set(artist,$rreplace(%artist%,\(.*\)\,\([^\,]+\),\\1 &\\2))

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Works for artist field with only one feat artist. If there is more than one it will add multiple &

When Picard 2.3 is released, I’ve added some new scripting functions that should allow what you want. Basically, if the length of the multi-value %artists% tag is greater than 1, split the list into two:%_artists_a% containing all of the artists except the last using $setmulti(_artists_a,$slice(%artists%,0,-1)); and the final element as %_artists_b% using $set(_artists_b,$getmulti(%artists%,-1)). Then join all of the elements of %_artists_a% with a separator of ‘, ’ and then append ’ & %_artists_b%’ using `$set(my_artists,$join(%_artists_a%,, ) & %_artists_b%).

Alternately, you could reverse the %artist% string using $set(_reverse_artist,$reverse(%artist%))`, replace the first occurrence of ‘;’ with '& ’ using a regular expression replace, and then again reverse the resulting string.

Note that this is all untested code, and again only applies when Picard 2.3 is released.

EDIT: I also think that making one small change to the solution provided by @outsidecontext will work. The revised line is:

$set(artist,$rreplace(%artist%,\(.*\)\,\([^\,]\$\),\\1 &\\2))

Again, I haven’t tested this.

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what if you want to replace underscores in file and folder names with a comma and space?

I currently have $replace(%dirname%%filename%,_,\, ) but in the examples below in renaming, the underscores don’t change any thoughts on how to do this very simple task, please?