Renaming artist Minos pour Main Basse (Sur la ville)


Considering it s french should’t it be written “Minos pour main basse (sur la ville)” as in ?

“Main basse sur la ville” seems to refer to expression “Faire main basse sur”

Thanks for your advises

Just copying the link or it misses some text?

Sorry. I was just linking, to ease the help, if any.
Myself, I didn’t see the artist name on spine, just at one place on the tracklist.

Indeed I should have copy the link, thanks for fixing.

I tried to look at the different official releases (2 actually) and they are always in capital so hard to tell.

Based on french rule it should be: Minos pour main basse (sur la ville)
French Wikipedia refers as: Minos pour la Main Basse (sur la Ville)
Other sources use capital for all or only the main words

Dont know if artist is joinable but without proof we should stick to french?

Main basse sur la ville is a famous film title, BTW.
I don’t understand Style/Language/French 100% but I think you are not really wrong. Just try queuing this open edit.

Didnt know

queuing = votable? edits there

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