Rename files without track number for use in car

Hey dudes! I’m trying to rename my files in a certain format and frankly, I’m not a scripter. I don’t want any fancy sorting into folders for albums, since this’ll be put onto my player for when I’m in the car.

I’m just looking for a simple file rename in Picard’s script that would go like:

<Artist><Title><Album> or just <Artist><Title>

I don’t want the track number tacked onto the beginning of it either, since that’s kind of going to mess up my ordering on my player, since it orders the songs by the file name, and a number in the front will mix everything up.

Can anyone help a girl out?

%artist%%title%%album% or just %artist%%title%
Enclose the tags with a %-sign and don’t use <>. Thats it.

Just for the record:
I would - at least - add some space or other divider between the values:
%artist% - %title% - %album% or just %artist% %title%

Add it in Options -> Options -> File Naming:
Activate “Rename Files when saving” and put such a line in the “Name files like this”-Box.