Rename files when tags match

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f7d01973a08> #<Tag:0x00007f7d01973940>

I know this has been asked before but there was no answer.
I want to be able to rename the files even when the tags match.
I click save on the left hand panel and it renames the files so that they are displayed in track order. But it will not do this when the tags match so I get some files name in a format and some not.

Many thank

This sounds odd, Picard will apply the renaming independent on how the tags previously have been.

Are you sure there is no other issue? What happens if you click save for those files, is the icon staying normal or does it change to the red error icon? Could you check View Error/Debug log if there is any error?

If this does not give any hints, please start Picard in debug mode (see, try to save such a file and share the output of Help > “View Error/Debug Log” here.

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The files that the tags match will not allow me to save they have a music symbol next to them.

If you see a music symbol this means there is no file, hence you can’t save it. The music symbol just stands for the track on the release. If you have the file for this track, load it into Picard and drag it on the track.

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Interesting but it shows a comparison when I click on it. I will have to experiment with it.

Yes, it shows a comparison, because you can manually tweak the tags. On the left you see the data as loaded from MB (after it has gone through your plugins and active scripts), and on the right you can change this data manually. Still there is nothing to save because there is no file yet.

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