Rename by bitrate?

Is there a way to have Picard rename files by bitrate? When it copies a track to a folder, if the same track is already there, it appends a (1) to the newly copied file’s name.

What would be nice is to have it be able to go through a batch of files and check their bitrates then rename the highest rate without any number in parentheses, unless there are two of the same file with the same bitrate. Then I’d want the no-number bias to be to whichever copy has the largest file size.

Then I can easily delete the lower bitrate duplicates by using Agent Ransack to look for (?). (There’s supposed to be an asterisk on either side of that.)

Use %_bitrate% in your file naming script.


Will that put the bitrate in the file name? That’s not what I want.

Yes - I know - but an alternative is to put the bitrate in the filename, and you can then have a script to rename them as you wish.

To do what you want might be possible if you write a plug-in that hooks into one of the save events.

A different approach to the problem could be:

What music player/manager are you using?
If it happens to be MusicBee, it has a ‘manage duplicates’ feature that will show all your duplicate songs side by side.
It also shows their audio properties, including bitrate, and pre-selects the lower quality files for deletion.

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