Removing an incorrectly generated Release Group

It seems that someone has added a release group for the new Jean-Michel Jarre album ‘Planet Jarre’ that has been called ‘Planet Jarre CD2’.

The release group contains a single release also called ‘Planet Jarre CD2’ which only contains the second CD of a two CD set.

What is the best course of action for this obviously incorrect release? Can it be deleted?

Lonely “second disk” releases like that should get “merged” into the main one. A merge then means the old MB IDs point at the right location and data isn’t lost. A merge will bring over DiscIDs, Acoustic IDs, etc.

I’ve only done a couple of merges, so not enough of an expert on it.

Basically… on the duff “CD2” release page, find the MERGE option in the right hand margin, hit that, then navigate to the good album to merge into.

If help is needed just shout and I’ll look closer at the steps again. I know some games need to be jiggled to get that single disk to merge into the two disk edition.

Give it a go - you always learn more by making mistakes :smiley:


Many thanks, I’ll give it a shot!

I’m trying to remember how I did this before. Basically - go to the duff Release Group, hit merge, navigate to the good Release Group, tick it and add to your merge.

Next you’ll want to “merge mediums and recordings”. This will also lead to a bit of faffing around and checking the data from the merge.

Also don’t be surprised if you find yourself caught up in a number of “wait 7 days” type steps here. I think last time I did a merge it took a couple of weeks to get through the stages.

It was certainly nice to see the results at the end. With all the important data transferred automagically.

So, I’ve merged the Planet Jarre CD2 release group into Planet Jarre.

In addition, I’ve added the first CD details from the correct release and reordered the mediums.

Once I did that, I merged the Planet Jarre CD2 release into the correct release - hopefully I’ve done it all correctly!


Yeah - that all looks good from here. Certainly helps that you are working from actual CDs.

I’ve kicked a vote onto the outstanding edits. Sometime it can speed things up if three votes appear…

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