Removing an editor's edits from my watchlist?

Specifically MBBE_Bot
But it could apply to others if needed.

Can I block/remove/hide an editor from appearing when they edit something on “Edits for Your Subscribed Entities”. Maybe even a temporary hide these for 10 days kind of thing, which would allow me to see the next round of edits it makes while not expanding my watchlist with this set.

Yes, it only appears for things I am subscribed to. But it isn’t like I need to see what they are doing.

In this particular instance, they are “open” edits which means I could vote to make them disappear. But in previous instances they were automatically applied.


I am just trying to prevent a situation where - 1000 artists on my watchlist all had the same bot-made edit done.


You cannot hide them.
You could use POWER VOTE userscript to mass vote or mass abstain on those edits, by batches of 100 edits (1 page of edits).

With POWER VOTE, on an edit list page, you can:

  • Hide/show all edits of a type, of an editor, …
  • Vote all visible edits of the page
  • Range vote visible edits: click first vote, then shift+click on the last vote

More about Userscripts.