Remove the image related info from album title in the right pane of Picard?

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So, when I tag my music I’m not saving covers or any other images. Is it possible to just not display the “0 images” or equivalent string in the album name in picard? It’s just a visual distraction and unnecessary on my end.

I couldn’t find such an option in the settings or any plugins that would help.


There is currently no such option. But we probably could hide this if cover art loading is disabled and the files themselves also don’t have any. In those cases it doesn’t add any useful information anyway.


Ah, that’s too bad.

Maybe I’ll make a feature request for it, if I can figure out how to use the bug tracker. :smiley: It’s been a minute since I last did anything of the sort and I think the tracker has changed since then, multiple times probably. Also noticed a bug and I guess I should look if that’s been reported or not too.

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