Remove non-existing release?

I am looking at this entry:

I am pretty sure this release does not exist. It looks like this one but there is not enough information and the track listing is incorrect:

What to do with an entry like this?

(I have a lot of knowledge about Pallas releases, recordings, events, etc.)

Probably the editor who added this just forgot track 10 - Ark of Infinity. The 9-track release has an ASIN attached which matches the 10-track US edition.

The solution is probably to (1) fix the release by adding the missing track, and then (2) merge with the US edition.

Before doing this, you can always leave a note on the original editor’s edit asking for clarification. Since it seems they’ve been inactive for a long time you probably won’t get any response but who knows.


OK, I will do that, thanks.

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This ASIN is also associate to others releases, probably need some cleaning and merging.

And remember Merge Rather Than Delete :wink:


The trick is learning to read the Edit History and the style of the editor who uploaded the original release. In this case you are certainly right to take your own fan based knowledge at a higher regard than a basic track list that looks like it was hand typed. No discID to back it up

When I have something like this I have a good poke around the history. If there are lots of edits getting all the details into place, discIDs, and plenty of references, then I trust the uploader. In this case they didn’t even get the band name correct.