Remove musicbrainz personal account tags

I may have not understood how my personal musicbrainz account tags work but if I do then I want to remove them from my MB account. Am i right in thinking an app like Jaikoz will consult my MB tags and use them when tagging my library? if So i want to delete the current tags attached to my account because they are old ones and most likely incorrect/misleading for my newer library.

Sorry if I have misunderstood.

I don’t know if Jaikoz will use your tags; perhaps @ijabz can tell.

If you do need/want to remove your tags, I’m afraid there is no way to remove them all in one go, from the website; you can only visit each individual entity and remove the tag on it manually. It may be possible to write a script to do it, though.

I also don’t know how Jaikoz uses your tags, but maybe it can be configured if and how it uses the tags. In e.g. Picard you can enable / disable the option to use your tags as a genre, and you can also set a black list to exclude certain tags from being used, e.g. tags that are not a genre (since genre is a common use case for tags, but not the only one).

Jaikoz will use tags if you have the Genre options set to Always Replace Empty or Replace If Empty

But is is recommended you disable this since tags are not very reliable source for genres (we don’t use them at all in SongKong), when the MusicBrainz release is linked to a Discogs release you can use the Genre/Styles from Discogs instead which is more accurate