Remastering credits / relationships question


On this compilation, there are three people and places that remastered the contents. Due to this being a compilation and the recordings are not unique to mastering, I cannot really place these relationships on the recording, as the recording is likely used on other releases, some likely being not remastered.

I tried to add on the release, which seems appropriate, but the mastering credits on the release cannot be assigned to specific tracks, but the release as a while.

How do I add these engineers and places for remastering? It seems poor to just add three remastering engineers and three remastering studios without the ability to specify what they are for.

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Release level is the only place. And the Annotation for the details. MB has no way to associate a remastering engineer with a recording they remaster.


To make sure I understand, you mean add all three engineers and all three studios (places) in the credits, and add in the annotation the exact tracks that each have done? Or, do you mean to place ALL of it in the annotation, the engineers, studios and tracks they are for?

I agree that as the recordings do not consider mastering, these cannot go on the recording. So if this data is entered, the release is the only place. Only issue there is that remasters are used on other releases as well, so there will be no way to build that relationship, but that is overall minor as not many even “care” about the mastering.

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I would add all three as “re-mastering” credits to the Release. As they did specifically work on this Release. People and Studios.

Then in the annotation it is a free text field that allows you to add those details the database does not handle.

This means someone researching “Charlie Smith” will see they did the remastering on that exact Release. If they follow the link they can read exactly what he did. Database is still working for you in that way.


I edit a lot of ‘split’ releases (one band on each side of a 7") and yeah, it’s very unsatisfying to have to add conflicting relationships…

No good fix that I can think of, beyond what IvanDobsky has said :pensive:


Thanks. Thought I would ask just in case maybe I was missing something, or maybe there were some tricks to get it done.

EDIT: So feedback is provided, this edit has been done as suggested.

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