Relevance of maintaining used to be available for remote search by MusicBrainz mirrors and potentially custom applications, until it broke early 2021. We just noticed it and fixed it right away.

We don’t know of any custom application using it at the moment, and the indexer is doing better at running on mirrors. So it might not be relevant anymore to maintain it if it isn’t used by anyone.

This poll is to check whether community members would like to use it again or not.

  • I would like to use it again for my own MusicBrainz mirror
  • I would like to use it again for my own custom application
  • I won’t use it anymore

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Depending on the results, we may just shut down and drop the related code from our infrastructure and from the involved projects.


If a piece of infrastructure can be broken for almost two years without anyone noticing, it seems safe to remove. :slight_smile:


It has been reported but there were also alternatives such as setting up your own indexer which improved in the meantime. It was known to be used by more people and it was receiving 30k~40k requests a day when it was up. It can now be used again. So better asking for potential users before shutting it down for good.


Only 1 person using it - even though I doubt there were only 5 persons having used it either - is definitely not enough to justify the maintenance overhead. Thanks for having answered. The access is therefore stopped.

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