Release which I have just created is not visible to attach TOC/disc-id (I've done this many times successfully!)

Self-edit at top to say I’ve got a handle on what I did wrong. I didn’t notice that there were variations in the numbers of tracks and I have evidently selected an 11 track release in error when my CD has 12. That accounts for why MB is only showing me 11 track releases.
Mystery solved
I would appreciate any auto-editors speeding up my removal of that release to reduce the clutter and ambiguity. Thanks. Please delete me

I have a disc with unique barcode & catalog id combination. I scanned the artwork in preparation. I created the new release in the release group. I uploaded the scans to support my disk with
barcode = 022924600623
Label code 2292-46006-2
Label code WE 851
I’ve verified that the release is listing properly in the release group. Artwork is there. No disc-ids obviously…
In Picard I press “Lookup CD” (I am shown two disc-id matches, neither obviously is mine)
I press the button to “Lookup in Browser”
Whether I do an artist-based search or a release-based search I see a number of releases of “Watermark” by “Enya”, but none of the releases is my newly created release.
If I ignore the flow for attaching a TOC, and instead just do an ordinary search I can see my release sitting with the others, it is one of two with the orange background showing recent edits.

What gives? I am definitely selecting radio buttons, not clicking on hyper links. I am seeing the ability to “Attach CD TOC”, but none of the 6 releases listed is mine.
Here is my release is there anything wrong such that it wouldn’t be listed for adding a TOC?
I’ve waited a while, in case there’s some need for new data to be indexed, or something like that (I’ve not noticed a problem before). I’ve done a bit of googling and searching the forum but nothing I found explained this.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Is there somewhere better for a cry for help :slight_smile:

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You can, instead of deleting it, edit this release by adding the missing track.
I will approve the edit so that you can eventually add your Disc ID right away.


Thanks for the offer @jesus2099, but I already went ahead and removed and recreated. It seemed simpler for me than getting into areas that I had no experience of - Sorry

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