Release type now in lowercase?

I went through my folder of already sorted/renamed music files with Picard again and noticed that the “release type” tag is now all lowercase? In my screenshot (German language), EP is now ep. It kind of makes sense for words like “album” or “compilation”, but “ep” just looks weird.

Why? :exploding_head:

Just looked in my English version and see the same lower case for everything single.

It may look odd, but hasn’t it always been like this?

I’m checking some older EPs that haven’t been tagged for over a year and they have lowercase “ep” in here.

I assume the logic is to remove all case from this field as it is use for sorting \ selection by other software.

Anything I have EP also shows as ‘ep’.
You control what happens to it:

$noop(★ Detect EP ★)


My directory name is upper case because I’ve set the variable as that.

If you’re using the actual content of the tag to determine the file/path name, then you want to use $title() or $upper() as desired.

Detect it and declare it based on that, you get consistent output.


Yeah, no. Did you understand my question?


Yes, it does look weird. That was my original reaction, too. I just gave in figuring for whatever reason they’re in lowercase the way they’ve been submitted to the DB. That’s why I specify when saving and using those tags in the file/pathname.

If you’re using those tags on a device playing the tracks, yeah. I see where it would look a lot nicer the other way. That said, I suppose you could make a tagger script that swaps all that stuff as it’s loaded on the left to be upper/title-case or whatever, too.

As for what is coming in from the DB, IIRC, you can execute a tagger script on that stuff once it’s on the right side, prior to saving as well.

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