Release: Track artist: nonclassical: restrictions?

It appears that this documentation allows for the use of writer/composer as track artist.
Is this intended?
For example see


I normally do classical, but I’d think that’s intended, especially here where otherwise you’d have unknown for everything…

Though having “unknown” credited as Thibaut [track 8] is probably wrong. Google (for Thibaut "my way") suggests Gilles Thibaut, but I haven’t researched that at all. Same (probably) with traditional for 11, and again unknown on 13 (presumably Keith Reid).

It is a bit odd to credit the lyricists…


The guidelines appear to allow the nonclassical track artist to be who-ever is credited on the release, no matter their role - performer, composer, lyricist, populariser of song (presumably that is the role that F. Sinatra has on track 10 “New York”).


The overarching rule is that track credits match the album notes.

If you think you have identified the Unknown artists, please make an edit to add the details.


Sophist, why does the following from the SG not apply?

If the release artist is a Special Purpose Artist, the performer should be credited if known, or [unknown] otherwise.