Release or AR and merge issue

I want to add credits to the members of “The Caledonia Soul Orchestra” and i’m not sure if i have to add them to the “Release” or to the “AR” because the box-set is a compilation of live sets in the US & UK…
Also i want to ask if can i merge the two new releases from Europe & US?
if i can merge them, i want to merge the “US Release” to the “Europe Release” because i added the full covers art to this releas.

Not sure what you mean with “to the AR” (“AR” is just an outdated term for “advanced relationship”, which is just a relationship). If you know who played in which track, you can add a relationship to the appropriate recordings. If you only have general information, add it to the release (relevant guideline). I think @jesus2099 might have some script to make it easy to copy the relationships to the other versions of the release if you add them at the release level, not sure.

They should be merged if they’re the same physical product sold in two markets. If they’re different in any way (different barcodes, different legal texts, anything) then they’re two releases and shouldn’t be merged.

Thanks for your quick answer.
You are right, i thought by mistake that “AR” is “Artist Relationship”…

Unfortunately, no…

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Thanks a lot!!
The CD 3 of the release above include 2 days of live show.
in this case i’ll have to add the credits to the “release level” or to the “tracks level”?

Whichever you have information about. If the different tracks are credited or you can hear someone is only performing on certain tracks add the information at the recording (track) level. If you don’t accurately have that detail add credits at the release level. Like @reosarevok said


I want to stress that explicit credits trump most things. But I assume these are missing here (as they unfortunately are in many cases).

For live shows, I would credit an artist simply for being on stage – even if she did not contribute any sound to the recording. Obviously it’s impossible to determine that by hearing.

For this reason, I would credit CD3 on track level. I don’t think that’s a majority opinion, though.

Thanks a lot @reosarevok for you answer