Release name? Bilingual cover

Any thoughts about the better release name for this release which has a bilingual cover. I had it down as A VS B. Other editor is going for A Muquabal(sp?) B.

Looking at the release again I find that ?“muqabal” doesn’t appear on the cover.
Muqabal is probably a ?transliteration of the ?Dari ?Old Persian script which is on the cover.
The other editor seems to ne taking the itunes name A Muqabal B as better than A VS B.

It seems to be fine as is. It is indeed an U.S. digital release and “Muquabal” is the transliteration used on 7digital, Amazon, eMusic, Google Play, and iTunes. It is also fine to add an alias with “Vs” (in Latin script) since it is on the cover art, as well as other script. Of course, further physical release should have a title based on printed text.