Release identification

RE Release:

On this release, it is marked with only “Special Edition”. There is no format, adding edit notes, barcode or any identifying information. As far as I am aware, as it is on Discogs too, the only Special Edition is the US Special Edition, and this track listing is not it. Although an assumption, it looks like one of those fan-made “special edition” pirate releases that just takes all the remix versions and tosses them at the end of a release.

My question is what to do with this release? If it were up to me and only me, I would delete this. The reason is that there is nothing to help identify this release. No disc IDs, barcodes, nothing. Just a track listing. If I am a user with this track listing on some mix I have, I already have the track listing, so this does no good for me aside from give me what I already have. In fact, I likely know more about it as I know where I got it from (assumingly). Basically, to me, there is no information of value here aside from a list of recordings related to that release.

What does the community think should be done with this?

No discids, nothing useful. I’d be ok with removing.

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