Release groups.. for video games

Yeah-- I notice that I tend to trend pretty closely to your editing style / ethos…

Keeping things grouped in the name of aiding discoverability / linking, rather than being “pedantically correct,” was my rationale for using the same RG as well.

But TBH, when you sit down and think about it, the very concept of the RG is kind of an MBz-original idea, anyway, so it’s not like grouping things generously creates some objective incorrectness. There’s no actual contradiction or misrepresentation of information; isn’t which RG a Release is part of actually a pretty insubstantial property of the Release, in the vast majority of cases?


Actually-- on this exact topic, see:

To expand my comment I try to keep the game rips separate from the official (and bootlegs of the official) soundtracks because of the sourcing issue. I don’t make a new release group for each game rip, but just put all the game rips for a particular game into a single RG.