Release Group name when releases change name over time

I’m looking to add a new (to MusicBrainz) release to MusicBrainz since what I have is sufficiently different to warrant a separate release. What I found, however, is that we have a situation where the proper name of the release has changed over the years. Here is the link to the Release group I’m talking about:

If you look at the preferred cover art for the release group, you’ll see that the name should properly have been: “Impromptus Opp. 90 & 142”; not “Impromptus D899 & D935”. Sigh - I’m considered a new user now with the shift to the new forum and I can’t add another link. If you peruse the other releases you’ll see the different cover art with different names.

It links to an amazon cover that clearly is named “Impromptus D899 & D935”. The release I own, which isn’t in MusicBrainz yet, has the “Impromptus Opp. 90 & 142” title. So what should I do? It seems to me that each release should be named properly based upon that release - not upon the release group they’re a part of. Does a minor change like this warrant a separate release group? Doesn’t seem to make sense to me to do that. So if a release group contains releases with different names; what name should be put on the release group? The earliest name? The most common name? The most common name in current circulation?

I’m really not all that hung up on a little thing like “Opp 90 & 142” vs “D899 & D935”. But it brought up an interesting situation where I didn’t know what the correct answer should be. Can you help me figure out what to do in situations like this?

Style Principle says it should be the most common:

If you are still unsure how to enter something because it is labelled inconsistently on official sources, use the most common version.


Oh, I didn’t know that…
I certainly did use the original name in several places.

Oh but then it is only if…

I was not unsure, we did want to use the original name and the guideline says this in case where there was no artist intent behind all the inconsistent titles.

We should probably also say that: if still unsure, use most common in official discography (thus excluding bootlegs and various artist compilations).
I was thinking about THANKYOU.

Occasionally the artists credited can change between releases.

In my case Where Are Ü Now found on is by Jack Ü with Justin Bieber as the album group is Jack Ü.
When Justin Bieber released his album and the singles it became Justin Bieber feat. Diplo & Skrillex.
The recording is currently crediting Jack Ü as that was the first thing to be added to the database.