Release date query…

I’ve just bought an album on vinyl via band camp… the CD and digital download (which is also part of the “vinyl” package) is already available (release date 7 Oct 2021) but the record is stated as back ordered till 1 Jan 2022.

Should the release date be 2021-10-07, or 2022-01-01?

I would say the vinyl is 1-1-2022 as those Digital files in the package are really the digital version being given to you as a bonus while you wait for the vinyl to be pressed.

The vinyl date is more interesting.

Kinda similar: Release group “A Matter of Life & Love” by Skinny Lister - MusicBrainz Vinyl released months after CD and Digital. They also give you the digital version while you wait. But they also do that to the CD too.

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I usually add digital downloads/included codes as a separate release anyway, that way you could give it the earlier release date without any confusion.

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Thanks… I’ll leave it blank currently as I’ve been notified the vinyl is delayed…

As 1-1-2022 is a bank holiday, nothing would be released that day anyway. You can add the year as you know that is true.

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